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12/11/24 Poets Of The Fall ♥
13/11/19 Red ♥
14/08/20 blink-182 + zebrahead ♥


neck kissing is honestly the hottest, most seductive thing anybody could ever do to me. if you kiss my neck, if you playfully bite my neck, if your tongue touches my neck i will melt in your fingertips.

"I hope you fall in love
 with someone who always texts back and never lets 
you fall asleep thinking you’re
 unwanted."……..like I do every night… (via kbfoto)


”Put one foot in front of the other. No matter how much haze, how much fog, how many walls are in your way. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will knock the wall down. You’ll get to the other side. I swear.” Last Hope.

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"He makes me want to pin him against the wall and kiss him until it leads to hot steamy sex. Yet he makes me want to go to a bookstore and drink tea and read while we share subtle looks at each other. Then after that he makes me want to go home and cuddle until we fall asleep. When we can’t sleep at 3am I want to go in the kitchen in our underwear while I wear his big t-shirts, sit on the counter and find junk food while we talk about the universe."relationship talks with my best friend (via txengooz)
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"Finding Strength in Pain" by Rich of Immortal Ink - Waterbury, CT, USA

I was gonna go to immortal ink!
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Anonymous: i don't know if i'm right but i think the name of the kdrama you're searching is miss change

I’ll look it up, thanks a lot! c:

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